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Sourcing and Procurement

In today’s ever changing and complex business environment, sourcing and procurement plays an increasingly critical role in delivering strategic impacts. Successful sourcing and procurement capabilities address today’s needs and have the foresight to plan for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. To do this, leaders need to see and understand the inefficiencies that exist throughout the entire procurement lifecycle, quantify the value of addressing these areas and then design and implement pragmatic solutions for sustainable benefits.

Our professionals excel at helping you to understand current opportunities and look ahead to understand what is coming next. We focus on delivering the right solution at the right time with a team tailored to your industry and business. The result is a partner with a strong understanding of your business fundamentals, supported by practical knowledge, experience and proprietary methodologies to ensure we deliver the best results for you.

We create a common understanding of your opportunities through our proven methodology that allows you to plot the optimal strategic direction for sourcing & procurement to meet your goals, maximize opportunities, and minimize the overall time to value. This approach focuses on the eight elements of sourcing and procurement that drive value and performance, reporting and analytics, change management, and governance.

Strategic Sourcing

We assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy for sourcing and forecasting and planning, including category and market analysis.

Spend Analysis

We collaborate with you to understand your data through collection, classification, cleansing and normalizing. With this understanding in place, we partner with you to conduct transaction analysis (payables, working capital) and ultimately identify and prioritize opportunities.

Contract Management

We collaborate with you to create comprehensive contract management from contract review and contract creation, negotiation, and execution through to post-award administration and reporting and analysis.

Performance Management

Our objective is to create greater confidence in the performance of your sourcing.We collaborate with you to define performance measures (KPIs), establish a balanced scorecard and develop appropriate controls and compliance measures.We help you create visibility through operation dashboards and management reporting to drive performance.

Supplier Management

We partner with you to create productive, reliable and cost-effective supplier relationships. We help you drive supplier performance through enhanced supplier enablement, structured sustainability and supplier risk management.

Organization Design

We collaborate with you to build a sourcing organization that is tailored to what you want to accomplish today and tomorrow. We help you assess your current organization, define the right structure with clear roles and responsibilities and then assist you in managing the change through training and awareness programs.

System Evaluation & Design

Technology is a key enabler to driving sourcing performance, but alone it is not a solution. We help you define business and functional requirements and identify technology that fits you. We assist in creating an implementation methodology, system integration, and implementation change management.

Process Design

We assist you in designing processes to drive performance. This often includes current state assessment and process mapping, best practice gap analysis and external benchmarking to give you a clear picture of where you are. We collaborate with you on P2P process design and optimisation.